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With our team of expert full-time traders under the supervision of Mr Kent: a dedicated trader with more then 30+ years experience trading stocks, indexes, CFD's, futures, forex, and over the past decade cryptocurrencies. Traders in our community have shown to win up to 90% of their trades if they followed our system and trading plan.

Signals all across the market

Stop spending Hours charting! Our team of professionals got you covered. We analyse everything and you focus on what matters... Money Management.

Signals as they happen

Better trade results in less time. You receive the signals in real time as they happen and you just place your trade.

Profit for the long run

Using our trading signals can help you capture more profitable trades to grow your account.

Trade Anything

Many traders say they can’t perform a fundamental and technical analysis. Admittedly, traders of all skill levels say it’s confusing. If this is you, our trading signals are just for you.

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3 Months One on One coaching


Access to all of Mr Kent's courses


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Education Pyramid

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